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Started on September 28, 2008

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I researched all facts (research papers and reviews, web, folklor, personal experience, associations). I made summaries (sometimes in form of abrupt conclusions) of interesting things I read, thought and dreamt about. Supporting information, definitions and variations of the stories are in the internet and libraries for you to check. Simple down to Earth conclusions were drawn from complex data. Some of them inevitably corny and/or horny. Most of the articles are about animals.

I made the following articles as concise as humanly possible (on the verge of being "skeletonal") although I tried to have fun of commenting here and there.

There are four types of articles:

If you are interested in references, please, click "View", "Source" in your browser's menu bar. I will try to include references there (commented out).

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Nemose: "Prologue to Heir"

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Hemingway cats, polydactyl cats


Key to power I (learning from macaques)

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Key to seduction 101

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Beast, ocean, and war, what else?

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Freeze, Flight, Fight, Fright, Faint

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